Welcome to Hurrah, created by
Casino de Neuchâtel

A legendary casino...

Casino de Neuchâtel is located in the "Rotonde", a historic building of over 100 years, near lake Neuchâtel.
Before becoming a casino, its walls housed dancing nights, restaurants and also a club.
To many people living in Neuchâtel, this place reminds them of their fun youth! Since we took it over, in 2012, we have transformed it into a magnificent casino, one of the most famous in Switzerland!

...has become an online casino, to play where you want, when you want!

Along with the "land based" Casino de Neuchâtel, we wanted to allow you to shout "Hurrah!" a little more often. That's why we created Hurrah!
This online gaming platform is fun, exciting and accessible 24/7. You can find slot machines, table games and live casino games that will soon become your favorite games - if they haven't already!
Of course, everything is done according to the rules, within the framework of Swiss law and in a secured way: all you need to do is relax and have fun!