Responsible Gaming

Information concerning gaming risks

Hurrah Casino wants to protect its users from relapsing into compulsive gaming.
Our goal is to do everything in our power to provide our players with an enjoyable, responsible and safe gaming experience.
With the following information we would like to remind you that gaming may not only be synonymous of pleasure but can also become a source of problems, not only for the player but also for those around him.

What is "gaming addiction"?

Gaming addiction occurs when "wanting to play" becomes an obsession, an irresistible need that dominates everything. This phenomenon leads to a great loss of time and money, but also to a loss of self-confidence and self-respect. Other aspects of life, such as family and work, are gradually overshadowed and increasingly neglected. It is often a long-term process, which is what makes it so insidious.

This evolution goes through three very distinct phases: 

First phase: the adventure or gain phase

During this phase, players often win large sums of money. This experience can give them the illusion that the winnings are the result of their own actions and not just luck. The losses that inevitably occur are attributed to "justifiable" external causes and are often mitigated, if not ignored.

Second phase: the loss phase

During the next phase, players can only pledge borrowed money and hide these loans as much as possible. This is usually the time when players begin to distance themselves from family and circle of friends. The road to isolation is paved. However, players remain confident that they can keep the situation and their debts under control. A typical statement at this stage is: "once I cleared my debts, I'll stop playing."

Third phase: the desperation phase

Eventually, gaming becomes a full-time occupation and the main purpose of life. It leads to the loss of social relationships, job and self-esteem. The line between problem gaming and gaming addiction is therefore blurred.

While each step doesn't necessarily lead to the next, player protection is at the heart of our concerns and we implement our legal obligations accordingly. Our casino's Responsible Gaming team is at your disposal.

What can you do?

What options do you have if gaming becomes a problem?
- Set a limit to your game here
- Decide in advance with which winnings you will stop playing
- Decide in advance the maximum amount of loss you will not exceed
- Stop playing for a while by temporarily blocking your account here
- Apply for voluntary gaming exclusion here

Third Party Reporting

Are you concerned about the gaming behavior of someone close to you? As a spouse, family member or friend, you can - or should - intervene.

Gaming becomes an addiction when an individual no longer controls his/her gaming behavior. The need to play becomes stronger and stronger. Social and professional environments gradually lose their importance and the game takes over the person's mind. This process is very slow. By the time players recognize their addiction, it is often too late.

As a family member, relative or friend, you have the opportunity (at any time) to contact the casino to draw attention to a change in the behavior of one of its players or changes in their financial situation as a result of gaming. Contact us via chat or email: we will discuss the situation together and seek an appropriate solution.

You can also contact one of the following counseling centers:


Casino Neuchâtel SA
Responsible Gaming

Faubourg du Lac 14
2000 Neuchâtel

Haute-école de Lucerne – Département de travail social HSLU
Réseau de conseils en ligne 
Web site:

La main tendue
Hotline: 143 (CHF 0.20 / call from swiss landline; CHF 0.70 / call from public telephone)
Web site:

Addiction Neuchâtel
Site des Montagnes
Rue de la Paix 133
2300 La Chaux-de-Fonds
+41 (0)32 886 86 00

Site du Littoral
Rue des Fausses-Brayes 5
2000 Neuchâtel
+41 (0)32 886 86 10
Web site:

The Casino of Neuchâtel is at your disposal at the following phone number +41 (0)32 724 90 00
or by e-mail at Responsible Gaming to answer your questions.

Anonymous toll-free number: 0800 801 381
Web site:


Removal of gaming exclusion

Pursuant to Article 81 of the Swiss Federal Gambling Act (LJAr), excluded players have the option of requesting the removal of their voluntary or imposed exclusion.

The exclusion from play is indefinite. A written request to revoke the exclusion must be submitted to the casino that issued the exclusion.
Pursuant to Article 84 of the Swiss Ordinance on Gambling (OJAr), voluntary exclusions may be revoked no earlier than three months after their issuance.
The applicant must present his financial situation and credibly demonstrate, in a personal interview, that the cause that led to the exclusion from the game has disappeared.

The player must first present financial documents. An interview will then take place in the presence of the Responsible Gaming Department of the Neuchâtel Casino and a representative of Addiction Neuchâtel.

To request a revocation, you can go to the Casino Neuchâtel (Faubourg du Lac 14, 2000 Neuchâtel) or contact the Responsible Gaming by e-mail.