General Terms and conditions of Use

These General Terms and Conditions of Use (hereinafter referred to as “GT&Cs”) describe the conditions under which our offer may be used.

  1. General provisions

1.1. Acceptance of these General Terms and Conditions of Use (agreement between the operator and the player) is a prerequisite for the use of the Hurrah Casino online gaming platform (hereinafter “platform” or “site”).

1.2. The GT&Cs take effect upon registration on the platform. By accepting the GT&Cs, the player acknowledges having understood them and accepted them in their entirety. The use of the platform or one of its games means that the GT&Cs are accepted in their entirety each time the account is logged into.

1.3. The GT&Cs apply to all casino games and online services offered on the platform operated by Casino Neuchâtel SA, Faubourg du Lac 14, 2000 Neuchâtel, Switzerland (hereinafter “CNSA” or “operator”).

1.4. CNSA complies with Swiss law, in particular gambling laws and ordinances, and reserves the right to modify the GT&Cs at any time. The legally binding version is the current version of the GT&Cs at the time of use of the site.

  1. Game platform and use

2.1. Casino Neuchâtel SA is a gambling establishment holding a licence for land-based gambling in Switzerland (licence no. 326-20) which operates the gambling platform under Swiss law on the basis of the extension of the licence for the operation of online casino games no. 326-20-01 of 25 November 2020.

2.2. The GT&Cs apply to the use of the platform's games offer and services via the following distribution channels: and its sub-domains, mobile applications, customer service operated by and for the operator (hereinafter “customer service“), online gambling servers operated by and for the operator, technical infrastructure operated by and for the operator, software and databases.

2.3. No account or deposit is necessary or required to test the platform's game offer for free.

2.4. Any use of the platform is at the sole discretion and risk of the player. By using the platform, the player acknowledges that he or she does not find the site offensive, reprehensible, unfair or indecent.

2.5. These GT&Cs do not address issues that may arise from the use of the websites and games with third-party hardware, i.e. PCs, mobile phones and tablets, or software, i.e. operating systems, web browsers and access software, or from the use of third-party applications, i.e. Google Play, iTunes, Windows Store, Apple Store, or from the user's internet connection to such services since they are not provided by the operator.

2.6. The reasons and purposes for the collection and use of personal data by the operator are regulated by the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the GT&Cs.

2.7. The currency used in the games is the Swiss franc (CHF).

  1. Player account

3.1. In order to open a player account on the platform, the player shall meet the following conditions (Art. 47 (3) Swiss Ordinance on Gambling):

  • be over 18

  • be domiciled or usually resident in Switzerland

  • not be subject to a gaming exclusion order (Art. 80 Swiss Federal Gambling Act)

  • not be banned from playing for any other reason (Art. 52 Swiss Federal Gambling Act)

3.2. If Casino Neuchâtel SA finds that the player does not meet the conditions set out in 3.1 of the GT&Cs, any credit balance on his or her account is transferred to a payment account in his or her name, up to the sum of the amounts he or she has paid in. The surplus is transferred to the AHV Compensation Fund (Art. 52 (4) Swiss Ordinance on Gambling).

3.3. The player may only have one player account on the platform (Art. 47 (2) Swiss Ordinance on Gambling and Casinos). If he or she attempts to open more than one player account, the operator reserves the right to block all accounts, cancel all payable bonuses and exclude the player.

3.4. The sale, transfer or making available of player accounts to other persons or the acquisition or use of accounts belonging to other persons is prohibited.

3.5. The player is only allowed to use the site and his or her customer account for recreational gambling and entertainment purposes, and not for commercial, professional, or other reasons.

3.6. When using the platform, the player:

  • undertakes not to open or use more than one account

  • undertakes not to act with fraudulent intent

  • undertakes not to provide incorrect or misleading information as to his or her identity, domicile and place of habitual residence

  • guarantees that he or she is domiciled or usually resident in Switzerland

  • guarantees that he or she is of legal age and is not prohibited from playing

  • undertakes not to allow minors or persons who are neither domiciled nor usually resident in Switzerland to gain fraudulent access to the Hurrah Casino gambling offer

  • undertakes to refrain from colluding with other players

  • undertakes to refrain from all illicit activities, including those involving third parties

  • undertakes to refrain from cheating or using systems designed to alter his or her chances of winning, including machines, computers, software or other automated systems

  • undertakes to refrain from any alteration, retro-engineering or copying of any element of the site

  • undertakes not to use the site in a professional, commercial or other manner.

In order to ensure compliance with the undertakings and guarantees listed above, the operator and its suppliers are entitled to analyse the gambling conduct of players. If non-compliance is suspected or proven, the operator can take appropriate measures to clarify the situation, postpone or refuse withdrawals, or cancel games unduly won by the player.

3.7. If the player violates the undertakings and guarantees listed in 3.6 of the GT&Cs, if he or she commits any other act that is unfair or prejudicial to his or her interests, or if he or she is suspected of such acts, Casino Neuchâtel SA may at its discretion suspend or close the player account (without prejudice to the legal remedies available to the operator). The balance of the player account at the time of such suspension or closure is in principle paid to the player; however, amounts corresponding to compensation for the damage caused by the player's conduct may be retained.

3.8. The use of the game offered on the site implies acceptance of the GT&Cs specifically applicable to each of the games offered on the site.

3.9. The player may contact the platform's customer service through the various channels listed in the contact section. The player's attention is drawn to the fact that the transfer of data by means of chat or email is not particularly secure. In addition, the player is responsible for ensuring data forwarding by email is secure.

3.10. The site will not contact a player to ask them to transmit their login information, i.e. their username or password, either by email or by any other means. If the player receives such a request, he or she shall not act on it and is requested to inform Customer Service.

3.11. Players are prohibited from distributing any content, i.e. images, videos, links or text, including political, religious, insulting, defamatory, threatening, violent, sexist, pornographic or any morally dubious, indecent or offensive content, and in particular content promoting racist or extremist opinions, persons, or images.

3.12. Information provided during the registration process or when registering for promotions is kept confidential. The operator reserves the right to retain all personal data provided for as long as permitted or required by law. The player has the right to consult all personal data stored.

3.13. Registration on the site in order to open a player account is necessary to play for real money. The site reserves the right to refuse to open a player account without having to specify the reasons.

  1. Opening a player account

4.1. To open a player account, the player shall provide full and accurate data, in accordance with an official identity document, as follows: surname(s) and first name(s), date of birth and home address (Art. 48 Swiss Ordinance on Gambling). The player will also be required to indicate his or her nationality and gender, and to provide a valid email address and telephone number. By validating his or her registration, the player confirms the accuracy of all data entered.

4.2. A username and password shall be chosen during the registration process in order to allow subsequent logins to the site. In view of its public nature and since it can be seen by third parties, the username chosen shall not provide any clue as to the identity of the player.

4.3. The player is solely responsible for protecting his or her login data and shall not disclose it to third parties.

4.4. In the event that third parties gain access to a player's login data, the operator excludes any liability for misuse of the player's login data. The operator reserves the right to block the player account and to retain any credit on the account if a third party other than the account holder himself or herself is using or is suspected of using a customer account. The player is solely responsible for any deposits, withdrawals and/or losses that may occur on his or her account. If the player should lose his or her login details, he or she is requested to contact the platform's Customer Service through the various channels listed in the contact section.

4.5. In order to complete the creation of a player account, it is necessary to set a maximum daily net loss value in Swiss francs. This maximum value can be changed at any time in the player account. However, a reduction in this amount becomes effective immediately, while an increase only takes effect after 24 hours.

4.6. During the entire term of the contract between the player and the operator, the former is obliged to provide full and accurate information regarding their identity and to immediately communicate any changes to this information. If the website ascertains that the player no longer meets the requirements for a player account in Swiss online casinos and that the player is in breach of his or her obligation to provide information, any credit balance on his or her account is transferred to a payment account in his or her name, up to the amount of the sum of the amounts he or she has paid in. The surplus is paid into the AHV Compensation Fund (Art. 52 (4) Swiss Ordinance on Gambling).

4.7. When creating his or her player account and during the entire contract between the player and the operator, the former agrees that the latter may verify the home address provided. In order to conduct this verification, the operator transmits the player's relevant personal information, i.e. surname, first name and full address, to the third-party company CRIF AG, Riesbachstrasse 61, 8008 Zurich, Switzerland.

4.8. The operator shall ensure at all times that the player does not appear in the national register of persons excluded or banned from gambling. When creating a player account and each time the customer logs into their player account, his or her personal identity data, e.g. surname, first name, date of birth, are subject to audits of this register.

4.9. By accepting these GT&Cs, the player expressly consents to the transmission of his or her data for the purpose of conducting the verification procedures referred to above.

4.10. After registration, the operator opens a provisional account for the player for a maximum period of one month (Art. 52 Swiss Ordinance on Gambling).

4.11. As long as the player has a provisional account (for a maximum of one month), the sum of the deposits made by the player may not exceed CHF 1,000 and the player may not withdraw his or her winnings (Art. 52 (3) Swiss Ordinance on Gambling).

4.12. At the latest one month after the provisional opening of the account, in order to obtain a definitive player account, the player shall send a copy of an official, valid piece of identification. The operator then verifies the personal and address data provided by the player (Art. 49 Swiss Ordinance on Gambling) and can request the player to provide proof of this at any time. If the home address cannot be verified by the third party chosen by the site, the player shall also submit proof of address that is less than three months old, e.g. copy of an electricity bill, television/internet bill or bank account statement.

4.13. The operator may use the player account information to communicate with the player. Communication is considered valid if the email address or postal address registered in the player account is used at the time of sending.

  1. Deposits to the player account

5.1. The minimum amount per deposit is CHF 10.

5.2. The means of payment (deposit) available to the player as well as their terms and conditions are published on the platform and are available to the player after logging into the player account.

5.3. Only deposits in Swiss francs are possible.

5.4. The operator assumes no responsibility for transfer errors or technical problems related to the means of payment. In particular, the terms and conditions agreed between the player and his or her means of payment supplier apply.

5.5. To make deposits, players use the “Deposit” tab in the menu on the site page. The player receives a confirmation email for each transaction made on his or her account.

5.6. The payment methods displayed can be used to make a deposit. The operator can change the available payment methods at any time. If a credit or debit card is used to make deposits, an authorisation procedure is required.

5.7. The player's financial transactions on the site are conducted in a secure manner. The deposit is credited to the player's customer account upon approval and authorisation. In the event that the card company does not approve or authorise the transaction, no amount will be credited to the player's customer account.

5.8. The player undertakes not to make deposits using a credit card in respect of which he or she is not the beneficial owner.

5.9. The operator reserves the right to request identity documents or other information in connection with a deposit.

5.10. The amounts in the player account do not bear interest (Art. 69 (4) Swiss Federal Gambling Act).

5.11. Player accounts may not be overdrawn and the granting of loans or advances is prohibited (Art. 75 Swiss Federal Gambling Act).

5.12. When the credit amount is not sufficient to make a bet, it is not possible to participate in the game.

  1. Withdrawals from the player account

6.1. The minimum withdrawal amount is CHF 0,05.

6.2. To make withdrawals, the player uses the options available on the platform. The means of withdrawal available to the player as well as their conditions are published on the platform and are available to the player after logging into the player account.

6.3. In order to withdraw his or her winnings, the player shall be in possession of a definitive player account (Art. 52 (3) Swiss Ordinance on Gambling). The operator reserves the right, in the event of incomplete information, to request additional information to validate withdrawals.

6.4. The operator assumes no responsibility for transfer errors or technical problems related to the means of payment. In particular, the terms and conditions agreed between the player and his or her means of payment supplier apply.

6.5. The withdrawal of winnings and credit balances deposited on the player account can only be made by transfer to a payment account in the name of the holder of the player account (Art. 50 (2) Swiss Federal Gambling Act).

6.6. Taking into account the operator's internal functioning, the execution of withdrawal orders shall be approved by the competent department according to the rules defined by the operator.

6.7. The player receives a confirmation email for each withdrawal made from his or her account.

  1. Bets and winnings

7.1. Demo games that can be played free of charge are marked as such. Credits for demo games do not form part of the gambling credits.

7.2. The player's bets are deducted from the player account and the winnings are credited to the player account.

7.3. The rules of the game, the minimum and maximum stakes, and the possibilities for winning are set out in the rules available on the site.

7.4. If a dispute arises regarding the outcome of a game, the player shall contact the site in writing, by email or through the chat function within ten (10) days of such a dispute. In the event of a discrepancy between the result displayed on the player's terminal and that recorded in the site's server software, the latter prevails and is the sole determining factor.

7.5. Winnings from online participation in casino games are tax-exempt up to an amount of CHF 1 million (Art. 24. i bis Swiss federal law on direct tax (DBG)). The operator immediately deducts the withholding tax of 35% of the exempted amount and transfers it to the Federal Tax Administration (FTA).

7.6. The player receives proof of withholding tax for the portion of the winnings subject to withholding tax. If the player has any questions about the tax consequences, he or she should contact his or her tax department directly.

7.7. If the connection is interrupted while a game is in progress, the gambling keeps running on the server. The result is displayed in the player account status and any winnings are credited to the player account. No new game starts and no additional bets are taken into account after the game is stopped.

7.8. In the case of a software error or a malfunction related to the random number generator, the current game is declared null and void.

7.9. Players who do not meet the minimum age requirement or who are subject to an exclusion order or a gambling ban are not entitled to reimbursement of the sums involved or to payment of their winnings (Art. 45 (1) Swiss Federal Gambling Act). Any winnings of the players are allocated in full to the AHV compensation fund.

7.10. The operator reserves the right to correct erroneously posted results and to retroactively delete erroneous or fraudulent winnings.

7.11. If the operator credits an incorrect amount to the player’s account, the player is obliged to report the error as quickly as possible and refund the amount unduly received.

7.12. The operator does not issue certificates of winnings to the player (Art. 70 Swiss Federal Gambling Act).

  1. Closing the player account

8.1. The player account can be closed at any time by the player simply by contacting Customer Service via the platform.

8.2. The operator can close the definitive player account when the player no longer meets the conditions set out in 3.1 of the GT&Cs.

8.3. The operator closes accounts that have been inactive for more than two years.

8.4. The operator will pay the remaining amount (except for bonuses) to the payment account associated with the player account.

8.5. Should such a transfer prove impossible due to incomplete or incorrect information and the operator is unable to contact the player, it shall, after an additional period of two years, transfer the remaining balance to the AHV Compensation Fund (Art. 51 (3) Swiss Ordinance on Gambling).

8.6. Any further claims against the operator will then become null and void.

  1. Responsible gaming and gambling bans

9.1. The site provides the player with supervised games together with tools to manage their account and gambling conduct in a responsible manner. The operator wishes to provide a pleasant gambling experience for the player, without his or her activity on the site jeopardising his or her social or professional life, or financial health. Responsible gambling has an important place in the operator's online gambling offer. To achieve this, strict processes and measures to promote and ensure safer gambling have been put in place.

9.2. If the player feels that his or her gambling activity is no longer normal, he or she may contact the site, or any other gambling establishment of which he or she is a customer, or an entity specialising in helping people, such as:

  • SOS JEU 24/7 Free anonymous hotline: 0800 801 381. Website:

  • Neuchâtel Addiction: Website

  • Le Groupement Romand d’Etudes des Addictions (French-speaking organisation specialising in research into gambling):

9.3. Many tools are available on the site to help players control or limit their own gambling conduct.

9.4. The Swiss Federal Gambling Act obliges the operator to issue a gambling exclusion order if the player is suspected of being insolvent, failing to meet his or her financial obligations, or placing bets that are disproportionate to his or her income and financial situation.

9.5. The exclusion order applies to all casino games (online and land-based). It also applies to lotteries, sports betting, and online skills-based games, as well as to all games defined by the intercantonal authorities.

9.6. The exclusion is recorded in a register which applies to the whole of Switzerland.

9.7. In order to fulfil this obligation, the operator analyses the transaction and usage data of the players and, if necessary, checks their solvency or requests the sending of various documents to prove their solvency, e.g. an extract from the national debt enforcement register or proof of income. The operator may also communicate the personal information necessary for the performance of a credit assessment, i.e. surname, first name, date of birth and address, to a competent company such as CRIF AG, Riesbachstrasse 61, 8008 Zurich. This company assesses the solvency of private individuals on the basis of the data available to it.

  1. Money laundering

10.1. The operator as a gambling establishment is subject to the Federal Anti-Money Laundering Act (MLA) (Art. 67 (1) Swiss Federal Gambling Act)

10.2. When a case of money laundering is suspected, the operator can block the customer account and/or pending withdrawals, and withhold the account balance.

10.3. One or more transactions for deposits to the player's account or payment of winnings or credits to the player's payment account for a total amount equal to or greater than CHF 4,000 within a 24-hour period may oblige the operator to solicit additional information from players in accordance with the provisions of the MLA and the SFGB Money Laundering Ordinance. The player account may be blocked until the information and documents required by law are provided.

  1. Data protection

11.1. The players' data is processed with diligence, care and attention, in compliance with the regulations in force.

11.2. Casino Neuchâtel SA's ISO 27001 (international standard for information security) certification for the online gambling sector guarantees the security of personal data and non-disclosure to third parties.

11.3. The staff in charge of the security of the site's information systems constantly monitor all databases and servers to ensure they are secure. All deposits and withdrawals are secured using the latest SSL technology so that the deposit is protected at every stage of the process.

11.4. Use of the site infers that the player agrees to receive information from the site. Account communication preferences can be changed at any time. However, in order to send important information (e.g. account inactivity, additional identification requirements, information on social policies, anti-money laundering measures, or changes to the GT&Cs), subscription to notifications is mandatory.

11.5. The use of personal data is covered by the data privacy statement. The data privacy statement is an integral part of these GT&Cs and is therefore binding.

  1. Warranty and liability

12.1. The operator responsible for the website provides its services professionally and diligently according to its operating resources and foreseeable requirements.

12.2. The operator is not liable for computer or internet malfunctions or attempts by the player to access a game offer by methods or means not provided for on the website.

12.3. The services are provided online or through the use of communication networks. Technical difficulties or operational errors may cause temporary disruptions or interruptions of the services provided because of an interruption or disruption of the communication networks or because of a breakdown of the information technology infrastructure, telephone lines or other parts of the infrastructure necessary for the performance of the service. Therefore, the operator does not guarantee the availability or consistent highest standard of these services.

12.4. The operator secures the system against computer attacks, especially viruses. However, such attacks can never be completely ruled out. Players are informed that it is also possible that emails using the name of the site without authorisation and which may, for example, contain viruses, spyware or links to web content containing viruses or spyware may be sent by unauthorised third parties. The operator has no influence on such matters and therefore cannot accept any liability in this respect.

12.5. The operator only accepts liability for direct damage resulting from negligence or malicious intent which it is liable for. No other liability can be accepted, to the extent permitted by law.

12.6. Under no circumstances is liability accepted in any cases of minor negligence and for indirect or consequential damages. In particular, consequential damages may include lost profits, damage to reputation, and loss of data resulting from temporary interference or interruptions in the availability of the services provided on the site, or resulting from transmission errors, price specifications, or invalid services. Nor does the operator accept any liability for third-party content that refers to the site or to which the site refers.

12.7. The operator's suppliers (in particular suppliers of games and means of payment) do not assume any liability towards the players.

  1. Intellectual property

13.1. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the website and all of the content it provides access to are protected and belong exclusively and entirely to the operator or its suppliers. The content may be subject to third-party rights of ownership or use, which players are obliged to take into account. Any reproduction, dissemination, transmission (electronic or by other means), alteration, linking, or use of the content for public or commercial purposes is prohibited without the prior written permission of the operator.

13.2. The player is held liable for any damage caused to the operator and its suppliers by infringing the intellectual property rights of the operator or its suppliers.

  1. Misuse of the system

14.1. Misuse of the game platform and offer by the player will be prosecuted under civil and criminal law. Misuse includes, in particular, deception and the use of incorrect or false information about the player.

14.2. Misuse also occurs when the player attempts to influence the outcome of the game through collusion, the use of programmes or any other illegal means, or intentionally causes malfunctions and disruptions, or opens multiple user accounts.

14.3. Players are expressly forbidden to use software that creates player profiles or collusion between players. The ban also applies to programmes that allow cheating or gaining an unfair advantage over players.

14.4. In the event of misuse or infringement of this point, the operator is entitled to prohibit the player from using the gaming platform and to refuse the crediting of winnings to the player account as well as the transfer of credits. The operator reserves the right to bring the facts to the attention of the competent authorities and to assert any claims for damages.

14.5. The operator reserves the right to exclude the player, block his or her account and withhold his or her credits and winnings until the situation is clarified.

  1. Changes to the GT&Cs

15.1. The GT&Cs are available in the languages proposed by the operator for information purposes and for ease of use. In case of discrepancy between the different versions, only the French version prevails.

15.2. The operator reserves the right to change the GT&Cs of this agreement binding the players to the operator at any time. When a change takes place, the players are informed.

15.3. If the player rejects the announced changes, he or she shall contact Customer Service to request the closure of his or her customer account.

15.4. Changes to the GT&Cs come into force as soon as they are published on the site.

15.5. Players are solely responsible for familiarising themselves with the GT&Cs and the specific rules of the games.

  1. Final provisions

16.1. The operator reserves the right to terminate this agreement or to transfer the rights and obligations arising from it to a third party. Players are not entitled to terminate this contract or to transfer the rights and obligations arising from it tothird parties.

16.2. The place of performance for all services provided by the operator and the place of jurisdiction is Neuchâtel in Switzerland. The relationship between the operator and the player is governed exclusively by Swiss law.

16.3. Should individual clauses in existing regulations be partially or completely invalidated, the validity of the remaining regulations remains unaffected.